What we do

We deliver internationally accredited coach-training programmes that set all those aspiring to become professional coaches on a path to practice either as internal coaches in their organisations or as external coach practitioners or acquire coaching skills for adoption as their leadership style. Click here for upcoming programmes

We conduct one-on-one coaching sessions on demand to private clients who seek to address their leadership and career developmental challenges in their quest for career and leadership advancement. Click here to book a Coaching Assessment Session

We conduct group and team coaching sessions to groups and teams who seek to overcome group dynamics and achieve cohesiveness for better team and group results in their respective settings whether in business, communities and workplace.

We design and deliver customised high-impact leadership development programmes for organisations that prioritize human capital development as one of their key business strategic drivers and bolster their capacity to deliver their business mandates and hit their bottom line targets. The leadership development programmes are usually a hybrid of short intensive in-person leadership training sessions spanning over a mutually agreed upon timeframe, and one-on-one coaching sessions and are tailor-made to address the needs of a particular cohort of leaders.  Click here to make an enquiry

We offer strategic advisory service to decision makers in organisations that seek to embed coaching and mentoring as part of their organizational culture as a deliberate and intentional effort to consistently support their employees to be the best they can be and maximize their performance at all levels of the organisation. Contact us for an interface

We design and deliver master classes for practicing professional coaches who seek to refresh the nuts and bolts of the art, science and practice of coaching and keep up to date with current trends and developments in the coaching industry. Click here for upcoming events

We host regular events such as information sessions and opportunities for executives who seek to know more about coaching and experience it. Click here for upcoming events

We collaborate with like-minded organisations and social impact influencers and leaders who seek to effect positive societal change and utilize coaching to facilitate impact. Contact us for an interface

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