A Journey to Empower Your Next Half

Are you at “Mid–Career” and feeling at cross-roads?

Are you at a stage in your career where you’re seeking direction, growth, and meaningful engagement? Just as soccer teams take halftime to assess their performance and strategize for the final half, professionals also encounter a pivotal “mid-career” phase. This usually occurs between the ages of 32 to 40, where the focus shifts from just a paycheck to finding purpose, fulfillment, and making a lasting impact.

This program invites you to pause and reflect, asking crucial questions that define your trajectory:

  1. Are you on the right career path?
  2. Are you aligned with your passions, talents, and interests?
  3. Are you genuinely growing or merely treading water?
  4. Have you developed a skill set that matches your experience?
  5. Is your career in sync with your lifestyle and goals?
  6. Are you receiving the compensation you deserve?
  7. What potential awaits beyond your current role?
If you’re ready to address these questions, embark on a transformative coaching journey, and position yourself for an empowered second half of your career, seize this opportunity to invest in your personal and professional development. Register now for the “Mid-Career Review and Planning Program” and set the stage for a remarkable future.