who we are

At Professional Coaching Institute we support leaders who aspire to become coaches and utilise coaching as their leadership style and support them in their journey to become great leaders to build powerful and lasting legacies in their spaces and ultimately effect positive societal changes.

Coaching and Leadership Development Programmes

This programme is offered to decision-makers who seek to embed coaching and mentoring as part of their organizational culture as a deliberate and intentional effort to support their employees and maximize their performance at all levels of the organisation

Internationally Accredited Coach-Training Programmes

This training programme sets all those aspiring to become professional coaches on a path to practice either as internal or external coaches or acquire coaching skills for adoption as their leadership style

Team Building Programmes

we offer team building programmes to decision makers and/or their team members who are seeking to set the right tone for a productive and collaborative work environment in their organizations in order to establish and sustain a supportive culture

Career Development Programmes

We offer support to leaders who assume new managerial or leadership roles and seek to acquire skills that will anchor them in their new positions to swiftly gain credibility and respect from peers, direct reports and supervisors and set the tone for their tenures, hence make a mark in their space within the first 90 days

Programmes and Services

We provide opportunities to succeed

PCI provide leaders with a safe space and opportunities to develop their leadership skills, boost their confidence, improve their work and team performance, build effective communication skills and empowers them to do exceptional work. It equips aspiring internal and external coaches with strategic coaching and mentoring skills and teaches them the International Coach Federation Core Coaching Competencies and Code of Ethics as per the International Coach Federation.


Don’t miss our upcoming events!

If you are a leader, this is your opportunity to discover and learn how to use the valuable tool of coaching for yourself and your team.. If you are a practicing professional coach, it will be an opportunity to remind yourself the transformation your clients can get through coaching. At PCI, we have something for everyone, keep an eye out for our upcoming Youth and Executive coaching or mentorship Programmes.


Head Start Programme

The Head-start Program is a comprehensive coaching program designed to equip young professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to launch their career successfully. The program provides participants with personalized guidance and support, networking opportunities, and practical skills and knowledge that they can apply immediately to their career development.


Mid Career Review Programme

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and strategic planning with our Mid-Career Review and Planning Program. Designed for professionals navigating the crucial mid-career phase (usually between 32-40 years), this program offers an opportunity to assess your trajectory, align with your passions, and craft a powerful action plan for the future.


Prospective Executives Coaching programme

 Our Prospective Executives Coaching Program is a transformative journey designed to equip rising leaders with the essential skills, insights, and strategies to thrive in senior executive roles. Through personalized coaching, goal-setting, and tailored development plans, participants will gain the confidence and clarity needed to drive innovation, lead high-performing teams, and leave a lasting impact on their organizations.