Programmes and services

1. Becoming a Coach

We deliver internationally accredited coach-training programmes that set all those aspiring to become professional coaches on a path to practice either as internal coaches in their organisations or as external coach practitioners or acquire coaching skills for adoption as their leadership style.

Is one of your major life goals to be an independent professional and/or executive leader during your career journey? Do you want to be an internal coach within your organisation or external professional coach? Think deep, be honest and evaluate yourself against the special traits using the quiz here.

Leader as a Coach and Mentor:

Coaching and mentoring are powerful leadership tools that are utilized by leaders who want to unlock the potential of their team members. This programme supports rising and established leaders who are responsible for groups or teams in their spaces and seek to use the powerful human capital approaches of coaching and mentoring to bring out the best in their team members so that they can maximize their potential and ultimately achieve better results for their teams and contribute to the overall organizational effectiveness.  Leaders are equipped with strategic coaching and mentoring skills, and learn the International Coach Federation Core Coaching Competencies and Code of Ethics as per the International Coach Federation which are applied and adopted as part of their leadership practice.

PCI Organisational coaching

2. Organisational Coaching

We design and deliver customised high-impact leadership development programmes for organisations that prioritize human capital development as one of their key business strategic drivers to bolster their capacity in delivering their business mandates and hit their bottom-line targets. This is a co-creative programme that equips the organisational internal coaches with skills to effectively tap into the knowledge and creativity that exists within these organizations. The coaches support individual employees or organizational clients, managers and departments in meeting their strategic goals and aligning the talent of individuals with the goals and strategies of the organization.

Benefits for the Organisation

  1. Employees feel valued that the organisation is investing in their career and leadership growth as individuals;
  2. Higher staff retention rate because of higher degree of engagement;
  3. Continued growth for staff members;
  4. Increased teamwork and collaboration;
  5. Increased productivity – you get the best out of your team members;
  6. Organisational objectives are easily met because employees feel valued which translates into more commitment, hard work and loyalty to the organisation.
PCI Coaching session

3. Executive Coaching and Training

This programme is designed and developed for senior management who have a strategic role in their organisation and are responsible for creating and implementing the bigger picture. The programme supports executive leaders in understanding how and when to use coaching skills to impact strategy, engage employees, strengthen the organization and create opportunities for innovation.

This comes with several benefits such as; the ability to leverage talent at all levels; create world-class managers; foster employee development through empowerment, engagement and purpose; implement change and swiftly respond to challenges; personalize employee inclusion; instill motivation; and preserve individual vitality. This will be delivered as individual coaching or group training and coaching.

4. Leader on the Rise

We conduct one-on one coaching sessions on demand for leaders who assume new managerial or leadership roles and seek to acquire skills that will anchor them in their new positions to swiftly gain credibility and respect from peers, direct reports and supervisors, make quick wins and set the tone for their tenures, hence make a mark in their space within the first 90 days. 

How We Deliver

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group and Team Coaching
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Workshops
  • Focus Group Discussions
PCI Coaching session

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